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Utopia can be defined as “an imagined place or state in which everything is perfect”. Australia is considered to be the lucky country in reference to its natural resources, weather, history and other sorts of prosperity. Danie Mellor and Cia Guo – Qiang are two artists who explore perfect transformation in a country by offering symbolic traditions of landscape and culture in their artworks. Through the use of utopia as a central theme, Danie Mellor’s ‘Paradise Generations’ and Cia Guo – Qiang’s ‘Heritage 2013’ and ‘Head On 2006’ communicate a similar message on Australia’s identity to present the idea of perfect harmony within its natural landscape2. The purpose of this letter is to recommend the artworks listed above by Danie Mellor and Cia Guo – Qiang for the upcoming exhibition “Utopian Australia – the Lucky Country?” as they likewise represent the nature of Australia’s developing utopian identity through the aspect of visual language in culture2. Cia Guo – Qiang’s exhibition ‘Falling Back to Earth’ presents an impossible sense of the world’s perfect harmony in its natural landscape and cultural values2. This is particularly suggested through Cia’s artwork ‘Heritage 2013’ with the media in the piece consisting of hide, polystyrene, gauze and resin to carve exactly 99 replica life-sized animals which are situated around an installed artificial watering hole containing a drip mechanism surrounded by sand2. ‘Heritage 2013’ can be seen as the ‘last paradise’ with the connection of 99 gathered animals from varying places in the world drinking from the last waterhole yet to be affected by human and natural occurances2. Another artwork of Cia’s, ‘Head On 2006’, which is also part of his exhibition ‘Falling Back to Earth’ explores... ... middle of paper ... ...Danie Mellor’s pieces ‘Paradise Generations’ and ‘Still water runs deep’ send a message confronting the possibilities of utopia in Australia. Each artwork should be included in the upcoming exhibition “Utopian Australia – the Lucky Country?” as they convey varying messages on the central theme of utopia based upon their cultural backgrounds and experiences. In ‘Heritage 2013’ Cia focuses on the impact of humanity ending the possibility of harmonious perfection as seen by the ‘last paradise’. Whilst in ‘Head On 2006’, the artist expresses a message on the universal human tragedy of rushing towards our goals of utopia without compromise. Mellor on the other hand uses his cultural experiences to comment on the acceptance of Indigenous people and the challenges the early settlers faced in gaining an identity within Australia. Yours faithfully, Andrew John Pengelly.
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