Essay On Utopia And Dystopia

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A Dystopian society can be defined by numerous ways, there is not one single mold that a society must fit to be considered dystopian. The world could be in ruins, with man surviving by living like animals in squalor, modern advancements completely useless, society could become far more advanced than the people are ready for causing a lot of human jobs to become obsolete and having machine run the lives of everyone, also like Gregory Claeys said in Dystopia: A Natural History, “we see miles of barbed wire broken by guard towers topped with machine guns and searchlights.” (Claeys 3) Science fiction is for the most part a story of future social orders in which the affect of science and innovation on mankind is a major subject of it. “Utopia” and “Dystopia” are two imaginary universes which have been included in science fiction as an instrument of extraordinary insightful and social centrality. Dystopia in Science fiction presents a negative view of the future of society and mankind. Idealistic works ordinarily portray a future in which innovation makes strides for the ordinary life of human creatures and propels civilization forward, while dystopian works offer an inverse. (Mahida) A dystopian future may be more than just made up science fiction, the likeliness of it occurring is grander than that of it not happening it at all. “Grace Palley said, “All fiction is a lie, but at the heart that leisa truth.” Thisquotedirectlyappliestoany Science fiction. Science Fiction deals with events that did happened, may have happened, or have not yet happened to a certain degree.”(Mahida) The question that is most often asked is “How can one know when a society is headed in a dystopian direction and can it be stopped?” Often while in the pursuit ... ... middle of paper ... ...ecome obsolete because the machines will become able to construct themselves in more advanced versions. There are currently robots capable of holding intelligent conversations with humans, robots that can detect different tones and ask questions about their existence and that of other humans. There are also robots that can perform acrobatic abilities that surpass the majority of humans on earth. These machines are capable of adapting to the environment around them and learning as they go, with the use of artificial intelligence which is capable to match the of human intelligence. The future is going to always be ambiguous but it is up to man kind to attempt to steer it in the most preferential direction. The way that this can be achieved is through the study of patterns throughout history and the analyzation of speculative fiction and how plausible the outcome maybe.
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