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Usability The concept of usability allows evaluating the quality of a system with respect to factors that designers define as the priority system. Some factors typical involved in the concept of usability are (Nielsen, 1993.) • ease of learning • ease of use • use efficiency and productivity • user satisfaction • flexibility • safe use Ease of learning refers to the time and effort required for the users learn to use a certain portion of the system at a certain level competence and performance. Generally, a system can be analyzed in a perspective of simple use, considering an intermediate or advanced level, example, each requiring different types and degrees of learning. In this case, the Ease of learning factor can be analyzed from various points, considering each passage from one level of qualification to the next. The ease of use factor of the system is related not only to the effort Cognitive to interact with the system, but also the number of errors during this interaction. It is important to note that an easy system to learn is not necessarily easy to use or vice versa. Ea...

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