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According to Ronald Skeldon, author of “Demographic and Urban Transitions in a Global System and Policy Responses” Urban Transition is the transitions to societies where a large majority of the population is concentrated in urban areas. Urban transition is one of the phenomenons which has an impression of being both good and bad. Urban transition has a potential to positively impact a nation by increasing the economy growth and reducing the poverty. In addition, it has a potential to give safer and healthier future to children and adults. These are just some of the issues that can be fixed by urban transition IF and only IF its being carried out properly. On other hand, it can also be a hazardous phenomenon for the citizens of a country. Urban transition is known for giving many challenges on the fellow citizens. Firstly, it could cause overpopulation, which in turn can cause high unemployment rates. Secondly, it increases the chances of no basic access to land and health services to urban poor residents of slum areas in the cities. Lastly, urban transition can result in lower sustainability due to increasing amount of migrations. The trend of moving to bigger city in search for a “better” living condition and “safer” future could cost a city or even a nation huge amounts of loss. Even though there are many benefits to going through urban transformation, urban transition should not occur within a country or a city because it results in urban overpopulation due to migration and causes lower sustainability.


On contrary, urban transition is usually thought of as beneficial for the country. Citizens have high expectations out of it. However, urban transition is solely to blame for the increasi...

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.... “Community-based OUPs were already achieving that goal – striving, innovating and pushing ahead to improve the quality of living conditions in their neighbourhoods. ” (Carolini, 133). The reason OUPs works so well is because it wants to hear what residents have to say. In other words, unlike government, OUPs decision-making technique concerns urban poors. Some of the success OUPs has achieved are: community toilets in India, water systems in Guatemala, sewerage system in Mozambique and so on. Although OUPs produce results in very short time, they aren’t always successful. In order for urban transition to succeed, government must join and encourage more of the OUPs kinds of organizations to help the slum areas.

Lower Sustainability

In addition to being incapable of providing a suitable environment, urban transition negatively impacts the climate.

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