Essay On Understanding The Life Of Autism

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Michael Jerome McGregor
Mrs. Bojanowski
English 12
24 April 2014
Understanding the Life of Autism
A baby boy is starting its first few months of life. The mother sees the child has symptoms that are different to a healthy baby. She worries because the baby doesn’t babble or respond to her voice. During the child's appointment with the doctor, the mother tells him that her baby is mostly silent and does not hear his name being called. The doctor takes a CAT scan of the boy's brain and notices that the child’s brain has abnormal brain functioning. He also runs other tests in order to make a correct diagnosis. As he returns to tell the mother what is wrong with her baby boy, he is wondering what will be the outcome of the news. He tells the mother that her baby boy has ASD which stands for, Autism Spectrum Disorder. The mother is weeping, knowing that her son will not have a normal life. However, she and her son not alone; it is estimated that one out of 54 boys are diagnosed with Autism here in the United States (Autism Speaks). Over 2 million people in the USA have autism; over 10 million people all around the world have Autism. It's not a disease; it's classified as a learning disability. There is no cure, but there is a way to help the child. With therapy and medication, there can be a decrease in the symptoms of Autism. It may take time, but with hard work and determination, there will be vast improvements in the patient (What is Autism).
Autism is a word that refers to a wide range of developmental disorders that some people are born or develop early in life. Doctors call this Autism Spectrum Disorder, because there are many types of disorders in the Autism Spectrum. Some people are diagnosed with a very severe form of Auti...

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...e obstacles with no problem, others will need guidance. There are many problems the person will face such as, social interaction making friends and talking to others, and habits people with autism must learn to control these urges and learn to speak correctly. There are many types of help that may decrease the symptoms of autism, some of which involve therapy sessions. There are some types of therapy that involve using animals during appointments such as dogs. If that doesn’t work, there are some medications that can lower anxiety which can cause the symptoms of autism such as Prozac. Autism is a very difficult disability to deal within the lives of family, friends, school, and employment for the people. Though autism is for life, once your diagnosed, time, hard work, and determination, will allow for vast improvements for the symptoms of the person with autism.
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