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The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is part of the United Nations program. This program seeks to help children mostly in developing countries through provision of basic needs, which include food, water, shelter and education. This programs also have therefore been beneficial through advocating for children rights which mostly include: child development, child survival and child protection. UNICEF’S education programs for children serve mostly female children, mostly in developing programs. This enables the protection of the girl, from female genital mutilation: this education programs help, educate the people on the cons of this act. This is because of the belief “All children have a…show more content…
This plan helps in the promotion of women rights in order to establish women participation in political, social and economic development in their societies. This through their principles in regards to equality and non-discrimination. UNICEF’s policies, partnerships and programs advocate for poverty reduction in societies and protection of both the girl and boy child equally. Through its mainstream of gender equality UNICEF’s hopes to abolish gender discrimination through provision of equal opportunities for both the male and the female gender through its education programs. UNICEF through its policy gender equality and empowerment of girls and women.
UNICEF through its partnerships advocate the promotion of rights and well being of a child. This partnerships have enabled UNICEF to reach children that are mostly vulnerable and excluded in terms of their needs that is their basic needs and most of all education. This will help in transforming of the children lives worldwide as this organization is based
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GOBI is a representation of its program that advocates for the the monitoring of a child’s development through monitoring of signs of child malnutrition, oral dehydration and breast feeding. This will help in the stopping unhealthy feeding of children. Health services of UNICEF include advocating for the child development through providing of immunization program of polio, whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria that are important in ensuring child’s development. This programs have helped in the saving millions of
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