Essay On Transactional Leadership

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Transactional Leadership One leadership theory to be used in an individual practice of leadership is transactional leadership. Neufeld, Zeying, and Yulin stated, “effective transactional leaders communicate for the purpose of establishing performance evaluation criteria, resolving differences in understanding, and negotiating and evaluating implicit and explicit contracts” (2010, p. 232). The forms of communication used by effective transactional leaders are also indicative of good management, and capable organizations. Providing clear achievable goals takes time, conscious effort, and is important to workforce efficiency. When the workforce is aware of the unambiguous goals to be accomplished, each team member is able to adjust the method, route taken, and make appropriate adjustments while constantly aiming to complete the performance objectives in the most efficient way. The question that remains is, how does transactional leadership drive leaders who are effective in creating values which the workforce embraces. Leadership theory demonstrates the value and potential pitfalls ...
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