Essay On Trade Liberalization

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This paper strives to examine the relationship and impact trade liberalization has on human rights across the globe. Trade liberalization has been a goal of many to increase gains in productivity, comparative advantage, and consumer savings, but some individuals link trade liberalization with a decline and stagnation of human rights enforcement. This paper will show both the goal behind trade liberalization and also how human rights violations could occur because of it. The intention of this paper is not to pass judgment on this topic, but moreover shed some light on the relationship between the two. Introduction Trade liberalization is the practice of eliminating trade barriers or restrictions to allow for the free exchange between nations. Proponents of trade liberalization believe that it will lead to lower consumer costs, increased efficiency, foster economic growth, and further innovation of new technology. The WTO (World Trade Organization), is an international organization whose main focus in liberalizing trade. The WTO does not however, have tunnel vision when it comes to liberalizing trade, it also supports the maintenance of some trade barriers in circumstances to protect consumers and prevent the spread of disease throughout the nations. Comparably, there are individuals that are against trade liberalization for reasons such as: it negatively affects human rights globally, costs domestic jobs, and could negatively impact standard of living through the purchase of lower quality and unregulated cheap goods. Additionally there is much concern that it is developing countries or less developed countries that are left out in the rain when it comes to trade liberalization. It is the belief that while trade liberalization w... ... middle of paper ... ...turing sites in different countries of the world need to be vigilant in maintaining human rights of their workers. A story taught in almost every history class in America revolving around human rights in labor, is that of Triangle Shirtwaist factory. In 1911, 146 workers where killed when a fire started and the workers did not have adequate ways to escape, including fire escapes being locked and the elevator shut off. Examples similar to this are mirrored all across the world as result of human rights violations Keyhinge Toys which is a Hong Kong company hosted in Vietnam, produces giveaway toys for McDonald’s. They employ over one thousand workers 90% of whom are young women. In 1997, after struggling to gain rights many workers were dismissed. Of the workers who remained employed by the factory, 220 workers became seriously ill as a result of acetone poisoning.
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