Essay On Toxicity Testing

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Toxicity Testing on Animals Each year million of animals die in laboratories due to animal toxicity testing. They are often tested on for household products, drugs, and cosmetics. Animal testing is cruel and wrong. They should not be tested on just for human safety. Animal rights are being violated because they do not have a choice to do anything. They should be entitled with the rights that humans have. Animals suffer in pain and it does not benefit humans. Proponents may think animal testing is right because it can save people’s lives. People have different perspectives on animals; some see them as family members others see them as another living object that does not matter. In my opinion, I believe that toxicity testing is inhumane and unnecessary. Many animals such as rats, mice, dogs, cats, birds, and monkeys are forced endure unnecessary pain due to animal testing. It is inhumane to use animals for toxicity testing because the animals are left to suffer or die after they are used. According to an online article, “some are forced to inhale toxic fumes, others are immobili...
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