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LITERATURE REVIEW:- This chapter will begin with the definition of tourism, types of tourism & overview of Tourism scenario in India, Haryana and in kurukshetra city. Then the general impacts of tourism is concerned related to Economic, socio-cultural, Physical and Environmental Transformation and identify the major tourism spots which have enough potentiality for development. Identify the factors which create hindrance in the sustainable development of tourism. Tourism –Definition Tourism is an economic activity of immense global significance. To understand the importance of tourism there is need to find out what is the definition of tourism. Different authors have taken different approaches when proposing definition but there is no universally…show more content…
Tourism word is composed of two words- ‘tour’ and suffix ‘ism’, the word tour is derived from the Greek, “Tornos”, meaning thereby a circle; the movement around a central point, “ism” is defined as the action of movement around a circle, i.e. the act of leaving and then returning to the original starting point. Ziffer (1989) defined “Tourism involves travelling to relatively undisturbed or uncontaminated natural areas with the specific object of studying, admiring and enjoying the scenery and its wild plants and animals, as well as any existing cultural aspect (past and present) found in these areas”. Mill and Morrison (1998), argues Tourism is often described merely as an activity that takes place when, in international terms, people cross borders for leisure or business and stay at least 24 hours but less than one year. The WTO’s definition of tourism is now the one that is most widely accepted around the world: “The activities of a person outside his or her usual environment for less than a specified period of time and whose main purpose of travel is other than exercise of an activity remunerated from the place visited”. (Chadwick,…show more content…
Tourism research in its early phase confined to western countries only. Researchers conducted mainly in U.S.A., Britain and Germany. The inclination of work was towards economic geography, but few studies have also been conducted at the direction of the spatial distribution of tourist destinations and seasonal impacts on tourist’s motivations. Christaller (1955) have applied “central place theory” to the spatial system of tourism. His hypothesis was “Zones more distant from urban and industrial agglomerations offered more favourable conditions for tourism development”. Through his study, he tried to conclude that tourists keen to go on natural but pollution and congestion free area for comfort and that’s why tourism spots develop away from the urban or industrial areas. Roy (1970): focused on the importance of the valuable information network to ensure the steady flow of tourists to a destination. He explained the existing gaps in information arrangements which may cause dissatisfaction for a

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