Essay On Totalitarianism

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Totalitarianism: The Effect Media has on an Individual George Orwell’s 1984 is a novel that explores the effects of totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is one political power ruling over all aspects of daily life. Orwell’s totalitarian government uses Big Brother, the Thought Police, the telescreen and Two-Minutes of Hate to show the control over the people of Oceania and their lack of independence. In order to live their lives peacefully, the citizens of Oceania must obey Big Brother, the media figure that they are to worship and praise as one of their goals in life. "Big Brother is watching you" (5) is plastered all over the posters throughout the town that cause the citizens to consciously recognize that Big Brother controls both their public and private lives. This leaves the citizens feeling that they cannot be unique because if they do not obey the rules of Big Brother they will eventually be eliminated. Goldstein is shown to be the head of the group called the Brotherhood, which is a group of people that come together that are against Big Brother. When Big Brother is shown in the Two-Minutes of Hate, all of the hate is directed towards Goldstein. (Big Brother. During that time Big Brother is turning the citizens against Goldstein and with the control that he has on them, he seems to be keeping the society together in a robotic way, making them all dislike Goldstein. The citizens of Oceania have no other knowledge of anything else and are afraid to even think any other way that is not instructed by Big Brother. The Thought Police has an effect on how Winston and the rest of the citizens feel as individuals. The feeling of fear really comes into play when Winston is first curious about disobeying Big B... ... middle of paper ... ...everyone is on the same page and not stepping out of line. Though Winston is rebellious and writes "Down with Big Brother" in his journal, he is still frightened that he will be vaporized when he is caught disobeying the rules of Oceania (The Role of Media in Society in 1984 by George Orwell, From Big Brother, the Thought Police, the telescreen and the Two-Minutes of Hate, Orwell shows that with control on what you see, hear and think through media one can lose their independence and have a structured, robotic daily life. By the telescreen displaying the citizens rules and tasks, taking away their privacy and Big Brother controlling Oceania’s thoughts, Winston fearing his own thoughts and love and judgement on Goldstein at the Two-Minutes of Hate, proves that totalitarianism leads to the ultimate controlling of the citizens of Oceania in 1984.
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