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Worldwide there has been a growing interest in harnessing tidal currents to produce energy and generate electricity (Charlier, 2003). It has been greatly encouraged by both governments and environmentalists around the world as an intuitive source of clean and dependable energy. However until now the industry retort has concentrated mainly on small-scale tidal stream devices (Water Briefing, 2014). Tidal lagoons are now being seriously considered as a sustainable and economic opportunity to harness tidal energy and help meet increasing electricity demands. Tidal Lagoons are offshore confinement structures made of loose rock, sand and gravel, sited in a shallow tidal flat with a wide tidal range. They exploit the movement of the tide which comes in and out twice daily. A difference in water levels builds up between the lagoon and outside water, once this difference is big enough the lagoons sluice gates are opened. This action allows the water to rush through the gaps, rotating the underwater turbines which then generate electricity (Webster, 2014). The technology itself is not new or...

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