Essay On The Weimar Republic

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August 1919, women of Germany were given the right to vote; a huge movement for women of the time. They were now seen as equals in the workforce under the Weimar constitution. Many of the professions that would normally be for men were opening up for the women of the Weimar republic. Women’s roles in the economy and progress towards economic independence over men were rising. But the fall of the Hitler, Nazi Regime ended it and blindsided the women of 1933. Making them into fertility machines and taking all their rights away. The women were naïve and this powerful leader took advantage of this. But before the Weimar republic, women were getting into the jobs males would normally take on; but for reasons other than equality for females. Women before the Weimar republic and during WWI had steady jobs as agriculture and domestic services. They soon started employing themselves into industrial work because of all the men off to war. Men were wounded, missing, dead, and shell shocked coming back from war and many of the women had to fill the positions of all the men at the front. The women before the Weimar Republic were only working in sectors of civil service jobs in education, communication, and transportation. Female office employees of the time were required to be single or a childless widow. They had many restrictions when it came to what type of jobs they were a loud to have. Some jobs before 1919 required the women to be celibate. They made sure women acquired a reputable educational background, tested by an entrance exam. They had to be healthy with good sight, hearing and no disfiguring afflictions. There wasn’t even a standing possibility for women to be promoted, from middle-ranking and senior civil service positions. ... ... middle of paper ... ...they had; young youthful men were saluting at them. They had this false perception it was all right they stayed home and just made babies. But Hitler was just trying to build an empire. The women took a huge setback for women’s liberation; I think the women even played a large role in making Hitler into a great power. Women were thrown into a workforce they, frankly, didn’t have the skills for because they were oppressed. When they were given the liberation during the Weimar Republic, they were taking leaps and bounds for women of the time. But because there was such a surplus of women due to casualties of the First World War, a lot of women ended up single. Hitler was appointed power and all the single women now out of jobs saw the benefit of marriage, the compensation and the view of being something bigger than themselves. They were breeding the German Nation.
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