Essay On The Trenches In Ww1

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Introduction: Life in the trenches was very hard for soldiers in World War 1. The Trenches caused many diseases during the war. However the trenches system continued to evolve during this time. The structure of the trenches is a good and safe way for soldiers to be protected. The use of trenches in World War 1 was to protect soldiers from their enemy.

Topic 1:

Life in the trenches was very hard for soldiers.
The tactic used in World War I was the placement of trenches on the front line. Those areas were the most dangerous, because that’s where all the fighting occurred. Other than hiding out in the trenches the men aimed their machine guns from there. Behind the trenches were supplies of things needed, also the headquarters that employed soldiers. This was the way the war system went from 1914-1918.
The idea of trench warfare started in September 1914. It had been widely practiced in the US Civil War and the Russian –Japanese War. However this type of warfare ended in August 1918 when the allies made a breakthrough attack that won the war.

The trenches were dug as a form of property and was a very useful tactic in the war but when the war ended it became a continuous dug in line from Switzerland to the North Sea with no way around. Each trench was designed in a different way. Every country had there own design according to the grounds they had. An example of this would be in the countries Italy, France and Pakistan. In parts of Italy trenches were dug in rock while in countries such as Palestine it was dug in sand. Trenches were also built in different areas. Trenches in France ran through many different areas. Through towns, villages, even through industrial works, coalmines, brickyards, across railway tracks, through farms...

... middle of paper ... as a practice. Officers would then inspect all the men’s weapons and equipment. Breakfast was later on served. Men where given assigned duties during the day to complete. Maintaining the trenches required constant work in manufacturing, transfer and other vital jobs. Although they’re where lots to do there were free time where men would spend resting, reading or writing. Until at night they would be assigned to their night patrols and raids.

Conclusion: In conclusion trenches are holes that are dug in the floor for soldiers to be protected from there enemy, there were many daily routines carried out in the trenches that included preparation activates vital jobs night patrols and raids. Living in the trenches was very hard for soldiers since many deaths was occurring not only by war but also by diseases that include trench mouth, trench foot, and trench fever.
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