Essay On The Treaty Of Versailles

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On June 28, 1919 the Treaty of Versailles was signed and World War 1 had officially come to an end. Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versaille because they could no longer afford to participate in the war. The Treaty of Versailles was put in place to punish Germany. (New York Times) There were three things that greatly affected Germany caused by the war and the Treaty. First Germany lost much of its land and territory and during this time the condition of Germany’s economy was terrible. The Treaty of Versailles caused many debts and limitations. The citizens of Germany were greatly affected by the treaty too. They were ashamed of what had happened during and after the war and they also had to pay for the mistakes their government made as well.
To start with Germany lost a majority of its land and territory. Germany lost about thirteen percent of their land including Rhineland, which had to be demilitarized. (The Holocaust) The Treaty of Versailles only allowed Germany to have a certain amount of war materials. The amount that they were allowed to have was six battle ships, six light cruisers, twelve destroyers, twelve torpedo boats and their Navy could have no more than
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Some people believe that World War 2 could have been prevented if the Treaty of Versailles was not forced upon Germany. (Daniel Castillo) The German people were greatly affected by this treaty and because they suffered a great hardship they were looking for a way out. Germany was in a vulnerable state and powerful leaders were able to persuade them. The Treaty of Versailles caused Germany to have to pay a large amount of money in reparations. The people of Germany were greatly affected by the war and by the Treaty. The treaty causes many limitations in result this causes the condition of the economy to go bad, land and territory were lost and so was trade. Germany had a hard time paying their debts and the citizens of Germany suffered a great
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