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The 1900’s was an era in which mankind has greatly excelled in the field of technology and greatly increasing the knowledge of the universe and cosmos in which we live in. However, with out a certain event in that era, we wouldn’t have much knowledge of space or certain everyday technologies that we would think would be created without the event. Such as the microwave. This event, was The Space Race.
The race essentially began from the rivalry that has risen between the United States and Russia from the Cold War. The two nations always tried to prove that one is better than the other whether it was from; Who can build the better weapon? Who’s leadership is better? Who is the most powerful? Russia believed that by studying the cosmos with outer space instruments and people it would finally prove that they are the greatest and most powerful nation in the world. To achieve this, Russia has created the Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA) to research and launch missions and satellites into space to finally understand what is outside the boundaries of Earths atmosphere. It has also made America a greater and more dominant power.
After the Russians have sent a satellite (Sputnik 1) to measure the conditions of space, it has caused America and its citizens to worry since it sent signals in which receivers for radios and broadcasts could pick up and the unknown signals troubled people and their broadcasts. In response to this, the United States created the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to quickly catch up and create better and more advanced satellites and propel America forward into leading the race and eventually answer and discover questions that has made mankind wonder for many years and centurie...

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...he world?:
The space race has made America a more dominant power in the world. It has progressed it politically to mark itself as a greater more powerful nation. Socially, the citizens of America are amazed by how the United States was able to win the space race by landing on the closest outer space object in history. However, though it is controversial that the soviet union should’ve won since they were the first to send an orbiting man, the United States has won the race to seize and gain control and dominance in space. Though the space race was a huge competition, politicians deemed it a draw once they have finally have built the International Space Station (ISS). The space dominance have actually helped the U.S. since it was able to show areas on the Earth and provide a military step up in imagery and GPS. The space race has made America the nation it is today.
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