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Essay on “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ is about a boring man who has a lot of daydreams. It was originally a short story by James Thurber, but was also made into a movie. The way that the story is presented in both is a key factor in either’s success, and when compared, the two are very different. For example, in the short story, Walter has little to no character development, but in the movie, nearly the entire production is him being put through a lot of situations that let us see more of the true character of Walter Mitty. This example and others is what makes the movie adaptation of ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ better than that of the short story. The characters in the short story and the movie adaptation are very different, as the movie has many more characters than the book. The book has so little characters, that it is seemingly trying to almost avoid characterization of the few characters present. An example from the book is when Walter is told to get his shoes; the author could have made this a moment where the reader could see how Walter Mitty interacted with others. Instead, the only information the reader is given is simply that Walter, did indeed, get his shoes, but that’s all. The movie, however has plenty of characters to put the main character in situations that develop his personality. This is presented especially in the way that Walter is given a crush, and the audience is able to see how his character would act in this scenario. An example of how we see Walter handle his emotions in the movie is when he is thinking of how he would talk to her, and he has a weird daydream of him as a neanderthal person, and Cheryl clearly being attracted to him and his persona’s inter... ... middle of paper ... ...stic in any way, but that they are more related to what is actually going on in Walter’s life in that moment. In the movie, Walter also doesn’t daydream while he’s driving, or doing anything particularly important per se, and this fuses with the plot better because it doesn’t leave any potential holes in how these daydreams impact him other than people thinking that he’s really weird for zoning out all the time. The plot of the movie is just more well-rounded and that leaves for a better outcome, and once again, makes the movie better than the short story. In conclusion, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” short story and movie were very different in aspects of characters, theme, the daydreams and the plot. The way that these different aspects were presented, defined and designated one of these mediums as better than the other, and that medium would be the movie.

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