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Patrick Ferraiolo
Ms. Zbreznj
Early Civilizations
May 13, 2014
The Roman Republic
Throughout time, history has proven that a great government style is the key for having a dominant and long lasting civilization. Without a solid government structure, a civilization is doomed to fail and will eventually fall into ruin. A republic is one of the styles of government that is beneficial to everyone who uses it. The republic style of government was created to benefit the common people and hard working citizens and reward them for their efforts. By using this republic, a civilization would thrive and be riddled with countless luxuries. The republic’s originated from the city of Rome. Therefore, the Romans used this new type of governing a country first, and gained tremendous amounts of benefits. The republic is praised so much that countries today have even taken parts of the set up of the republic and used it in their government. The Roman Republic revolutionized the Roman Civilization and has even played a minor role in the formation of the United States Constitution.
In the beginning of its existence, Rome was just a small settlement along the Tiger River. Overtime, this settlement grew and expanded their borders by claiming new territories and by also overthrowing other countries and civilizations. The Roman Kingdom grew so large that by 700 B.C., they were one of the biggest and most dominant lands ever. Prior to the creation of the republic, Rome’s government consisted of a monarchy with a king or a queen serving as leaders. All these kings or queens that ruled Rome were always cruel to their citizens. They would strip numerous moral rights from them and make them suffer the harsh laws that were cast upon them. ...

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...te. The Roman Republic was a great innovative idea, but it could not have been successful without the cooperation of the citizens. The citizens acted as the glue that kept the Republic together. In fact, the downfall of the Roman Republic started with the citizens.
Even though the Roman Republic was a revolutionary style of government which brought great benefits to Rome and its citizens, it still could not stand the test of time. The republic system of government underwent a painful and violent transition from a responsible oligarchy to a more chaotic form of government. Internal turmoil provoked in 133 B.C. by economic stagnation, or a period of little growth in the economy, in the city of Rome, slave revolts, and dissention in the military caused a period of disruption that became later known as simply the Roman Revolution or the Fall of the Roman Republic.
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