Essay On The Role Of Women In Ancient Egypt

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Meysar Abdulkadir
Oct 16th, 2017
History of Early Western Civilization
Research Paper Assignment (Ancient Egypt):
Ancient Egypt started around three-thousands and one-hundred B.C. to six-hundred and seventy-two B.C. Ancient Egypt started after two-thousand and four-hundred years after Mesopotamia civilization began. Ancient Egypt was located in the Mediterranean region. This environment is hot and dry so it forced the ancient Egyptians to live near the Nile River to get water for their crops. Notwithstanding, the Nile River floods flooded at the same time each year making the floods regular and predictable. When the Nile River flooded, it deposited nutrient-rich soil on the riverbanks. This made the riverbanks excellent farmland. The
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Women were treated way better than compared to other civilizations. Women in ancient Egypt were highly respected because there were no divisions in gender, however, there were only divisions in different classes. "There was no division which was being made in terms of the gender, but there was division which was made only based on the classes of the society" (The Role of Women in Ancient Egypt). The ancient Egyptian women were not like other women in other kingdoms such as the Mesopotamian women. Other women in different civilizations were not cherished as much as the Egyptian women. In fact, women in other civilization were seen as inferior to men. Women in other kings were beaten by their husband, however, women in ancient Egypt were loved, respected, and cherished. The Instruction of Ptahhotep states, "Be not brutal; tact will influence her better than violence; her... behold to what she aspires, at what she aims, what she regards. It is what fixes her in your house; if you repel her it is an abyss" (The Instruction of Ptahhotep, 67). Ancient Egyptian women had power over their belonging because they were able to control, manage, and even sell their properties by their own will. If the women have enough money to purchase a product or property she was allowed to purchase the desired property without any type of consequences. "The women can manage all the property of hers and can sell it…show more content…
Women were highly respected as honorable mothers, wives, workers, and also, priestesses. Sometimes women in ancient Egypt held powerful and high positions in religious groups and even sometimes became the pharaoh. The reading of Instructure of Ptahhotep explains how highly women were held and how they treated their women. The reading states, "If you are wise, look after your house; love your wife without alloy. Fill her stomach, clothe her back; these are the cares to be bestowed on her person. Caress her, fulfill her desires during the time of her existence; it is a kindness which does honor to its possessor" (The Instruction of Ptahhotep, 67). This shows how highly women were treasured and respected by Lord Ptah. The great Ptahhotep also taught his beloved people to love their women and cherish them. The reading states, "Open your arms for her, respond to her arms; call her, display to her your love...." (The Instruction of Ptahhotep,
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