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The idea of the robot servant is one that has been explored in great detail by popular science fiction, most notably by Isaac Asimov and the film adaptations of his work. Whilst the household robot has slowly begun creeping into our lives it’s not in the manner fiction predicted.

Most predictions saw us being tended to by humanoid automatons capable of making decisions and performing many different complex tasks. (Asimov, 1950)
The reality however, is machines which perform a highly specific task and function within a strict set of criteria rather than with the fluid learning of a human.
The most obvious example of this is the cleaning products of the company iRobot. Most famous for their robotic vacuum cleaner the Roomba, they 've also made robots dedicated to mopping and scrubbing floors and cleaning gutters.
These are robots which actually have a use; robots designed exclusively for entertainment value like the robotic dog have been in circulation since the late 90’s. Entertainment robotics has continued to grow since then to the point that you can now buy anything form remote control drones [4] to usb nerf turrets [5] from almost any online retailer.
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It’s theorised that this will happen when we create “True AI” basically when a computer becomes able to learn and adapt like a human by itself. It’s not uncommon to hear tech news sights reporting on how the singularity is just years away. To me this seems incredibly sensationalist, we are still nowhere near having computers reason as humans do. People frequently point to AI’s such as clever bot and igod, these programs are imitations whose conversations fall apart after a few sentences and even an AI possessed with a good portion of general knowledge like IBM’s Watson cannot hold a real human

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