Essay On The Relationship Between Fences And Death Of A Salesman

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In the plays Fences by August Wilson and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. These plays have that role of a father of a difficult task of having a good relationship with their sons; that ideal relationship of the father and son set rules. The father sets the rules and son has to obey them with respect. However is difficult to have a healthy relationship with your father. For the fact that a father has high expectation of his son. For example, “Death of a Salesman “and “Fences “both Willy and Troy are fathers that are having a hard time earning the respect from their son that they want, and trying to be a role model for their sons. Between, Death of a Salesman,” and fences,” both protagonist, Willy and Troy both depict the role…show more content…
Troy still has frustration inside him that he has never forgotten. Due to the racism he grew up with, that stopped him from one his big dreams. Which was to compete in the major league baseball. Those years where the 1950s where African Americans had many disadvantages from public services, restaurants and etc. That pain that troy feels from racism has also held his family from accomplishing things. For example Troy states “I told that boy about football and stuff. The white man ain’t gonna let him get nowhere that football. I told him to come to me with it. Now you come telling me he done…. Fix cars or something where he can make a living “(1722). For that Troy denies his son the opportunity to achieve what troy couldn’t. Troy father rather Cory to work on A&P after school and learn a skill that no one can take away from him. Troy just wants to spare Cory from the racism from his father. But sometimes as a son is hard to understand this things because is an accomplishment you want but your father is holding you back from…show more content…
For example, in act one scene IV troy states “the boy lied to me. I told that nigger if he wanna play football ….to keep his chores and hold down that job A&P. That was conditions. Stopped down there to see Mr. Stawicki… (1745) Cory gets frustrated with dad because he went up to Cory football coach told him his not going to attend football practice anymore. Therefore the frustration is building up even more between them. Cory thinks that one of the reasons that father doesn’t want him attend football practice because Cory thinks troy is scared that his going to be better in sports then him when he was playing back in his days. So troy is bit jealous and protective .Protective because all His father wants to spare Cory from the racism that he has faced. In that event Cory finally leaves his home when he and his father end up in physical fight. Cory is just put up with all his dads’ nonsense and starts realizing he can never please his father, all the feeling towards his father is all hatred now. Being able to relate Cory and Troy. When I was younger child my dad made miss most of my soccer games on the weekends. Because he wanted me to go work with him. As a child that always make me have anger in him when I had to miss a soccer game just to work with my dad. But at the end day he just wanted me to know the value of how to make money. And wanting the
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