Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Prostitution

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Pros and Cons of Legalizing Prostitution Estimates indicate that there are nearly one million prostitutes in the United States ( Con 8). Since people are going to solicit and participate in prostitution despite it being illegal, some people wonder if prostitution should be legalized. There are arguments in favor of (pros) and in opposition to (cons) prostitution. One view in support of prostitution is that it should be legal, with no government control, and each individual should decide whether or not he or she solicits or participates ( Others, still supporting prostitution, say that it should be legal, but very closely controlled and regulated by the government ( Another view, this one in opposition to prostitution,…show more content…
Those who argue that it should remain illegal say that prostitution is degrading, and is nothing shy of complete abuse of a woman’s or man’s body ( Con 5). Proponents of this view believe that some women and men feel that they are forced into prostitution, and that it is hard, or even impossible, for them to get out once they are in ( Con 6). Some people also fear that if prostitution were legalized, there would not be enough workers to meet the consumer demand, which could possibly lead to more sex trafficking ( Con 8). Advocates of this view believe that the legalization of prostitution would boldly say, in word and action, that women can be bought and sold ( Con 2). One person’s opinion on the matter is, “Legalization would put lipstick on modern-day slavery and call it another step in the liberation of women” ( Con 4). Supporters of not legalizing prostitution worry that licenses and check-ups with not address abuse and violence that victimize those in prostitution ( Con 8). Many women have been forced into prostitution by abusers, and people think that the legalization would lead to more women and children being forced into it ( Con 8). Oftentimes, male abusers do not face criminalization for rape, or endangering women because the victims do not come forward since they feel that involving the police would surely lead to their arrest as well ( Con
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