Essay On The Nuremberg Trials Of Germany

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A current event that has interested me recently is the Nuremberg Trials of Germany. These trials started on November 20, 1945, post-World War II. The accused, including Adolf Hitler’s ministers and successors, were charged with crimes against peace and humanity. Even though the accused committed crimes such as murder or use of slave labor, the matter of who was guilty remained controversial because the accused were under direct control of Hitler himself. During the trial, the judges recognized only the Nuremburg Principles, a set of guidelines created specifically for this trial. Under these principles, which state that “any person who commits an act which constitutes as a crime under international law is … liable to punishment,” the accused were found guilty. However, these trials were unjust, because the principles behind the trials are not applicable in every situation. From a moral perspective, crime as a result of free will deserves justice. Crime as result of being ordered by a dictator does not constitute a crime, because there is no free will. However, whether or not the def...

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