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We as people by and large enjoy films. They excite us, we sit on the edges of our seats holding our breath waiting to find out what comes next, and they make us laugh and cry. For some of us most of what we believe about history comes from the films we watch. As late 2012 rolled around Steven Spielberg released the film Lincoln to rave reviews. Moviegoers across the board flocked to theaters to see the new movie. Meanwhile the all the history buffs among them were probably wondering, and a touch concerned, as to exactly how much of it would be fact and how much of it would be simply a fictional interpretation of the corresponding. The quality of the total film, alongside truly remarkable performances by Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones and many others, certainly lent it a grounded feel. But just how accurate is it? To this question there is both a short answer, and a long one. The short answer: very. The long answer requires more examination.s The film Lincoln is set during over the course of a few short months in late 1865, and the plot as a whole is extremely factual. As the movie well illustrates, it was an intense time in Washington. Confederate peace commissioners were trying to work out an end to the war, at the same time the House of Representatives was in heated debate over the issue of the 13th Amendment to completely abolish slavery, both events encompassing some shady political maneuvering, some of it by Lincoln himself. Several critics have pointed out that there were other events happening at the same time, which helped to push both the 13th Amendment and end the war forward. Eric Foner points out that “slavery died on the ground” as well as in the House, due to a combination of abolition efforts by feminist leaders ... ... middle of paper ... ...ew of the various individuals involved. Day-Lewis’s Lincoln has been hailed as one of the most honest portrayals of the president to date, everything down to that unexpected voice, which was described by Lincoln’s contemporaries as being high in nature and rather reedy, not the gravelly deep voice we often characterize in harmony with the sixteenth president. One of the greatest triumphs of the film by far is the depth it adds to President Lincoln, rather than to simply portraying him as a shallow, poorly portrayed saint. The Lincoln of this film is undeniably a good man, and on the other hand we are reminded that he is also a skilled politician, willing to get his hands a dirty in order to accomplish the things he knows, and holds to be right. Overall films are extremely entertaining, exciting us from the highest of emotions to the lowest. The 2012 film Lincoln

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  • Analyzes how movies excite people and make them laugh and cry. steven spielberg's lincoln received rave reviews, and history buffs were concerned about the accuracy of the film.
  • Compares the short answer to the long answer. lincoln is set during a few short months in late 1865, and the plot is extremely factual.
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