Essay On The Mexican War

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The Mexican War lasted two years, from March 1846 to April 1848, and was fought on four fronts: southern Texas, central Mexico, New Mexico, and California. On March 6, 1845, two days after James Polk took office, the Mexican government broke off relations with the United States to protest the U.S. annexation of Texas. Their negotiation of effort failed and Polk focused his efforts on subverting Mexican authority in California. Meanwhile, Polk ordered several thousand U.S. troops under General Zachary Taylor to advance some miles south of the Texas frontier and take up positions around Corpus Christi, near the Rio Grande in Texas.
Peace dies when an American official was sent to Mexico City to negotiate a settlement, gave up and march 1846. On May 9, Polk won cabinet approval of a war message to Congress; that evening the news arrived that Mexican troops had attacked U.S. soldiers north of the Rio Grande. Polk’s scheme to cause an attack had worked. Polk stated that war was the only solution to Mexican aggression. Later Congress immediately passed the war resolution and poked signed t...
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