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Thousands of children are kidnapped each year. However, one of the most famous kidnappings was the Lindbergh Kidnapping in 1932. The kidnapping was called, “The Crime of the Century”. After much hard work, detectives were able to find the kidnapper, Bruno Hauptmann. Evidence of ransom notes, possession of ransom money, and access to tools make Bruno Hauptmann guilty in the Lindbergh Kidnapping. The kidnapping shocked the nation. Charles Lindbergh was a famous pilot who just recently completed a non-stop flight across the Atlantic. Looking for peace and quiet from the media, he and his wife, Anne, settled in Hopewell, New Jersey. Everything was going well until March 1, 1932 when their baby was kidnapped from the nursery. The Kidnapper left a ransom note demanding $50,000 in return of the baby. However, once the Lindbergh’s paid the ransom, the baby was found dead less than 5 miles away from the Lindbergh home (FBI 100: The Lindbergh Kidnapping). Although the baby’s body had been found, police worked continuously to find the one who was responsible. After following many leads and clues, detectives made Bruno Hauptmann, a german carpenter, their main suspect in the Lindbergh case. When tried in court, Hauptmann was ruled guilty for the crime and was punished with death. Through Hauptmann’s arrest justice was given back to the Lindbergh family. Ransom notes make Hauptmann guilty in the kidnapping. When the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped, a ransom note demanding $50,000 was left behind. Based on the use of German idioms, detectives were able to concluded that the note was written by a German. Notably, Bruno Hauptmann was an immigrant from Germany. He had been living in the United States for 13 years (Smith). Under those circumstance... ... middle of paper ... ...uel act. After much hard work detectives were able to provide a sense of stability and peace when Bruno Hauptmann was arrested. Hauptmann is guilty in the kidnapping because he wrote the ransom note, received and spent the ransom money, and used his carpentry skills to build the ladder that was used in the kidnapping. The Lindbergh Kidnapping still impacts our society today. After the case was solved, government officials passed the Federal Kidnapping Act in 1932. The act is also referred to as the Lindbergh Law. Moreover, the act allowed federal authorities to become involved once a kidnapper crosses state boundaries. This act made it easier for detectives to find kidnappers and reunite children with their parents. As a result of ransom notes, spending ransom money, and evidence of the ladder Bruno Hauptmann is in fact completely guilty for the Lindbergh Kidnapping.

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