Essay On The Life Of Olaudah Equiano

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Many different aspects between the Europeans, and African Americans ultimately shaped, what becomes a “New World”. The choices and decisions made by Equiano tell us that mankind is often shaped by his surroundings. Being beaten and taken from his family, he still connected himself with those people who did this to him. His passion for the sea, the friends he made, mainly his masters, contributed to his feelings and love for the new world. The Life of Olaudah Equiano portrays examples of how Europeans, and African Americans all contributed to constructing a “New World”. Equiano, a native from Igbo Africa, was kidnapped and taken into slavery by the Europeans. Equiano’s dignity of his progression in society serves as a testimony to all groups of people to have self-perseverance. Though Equiano spent many years in his home town African village, he spent the rest of his life living a European lifestyle that ultimately resulted in a new world. Through the vigorous hardships that the Europeans placed upon African Americans, Equiano experienced a cultural transformation from his African...
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