Essay On The Key Future Challenges For Managers

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Key Future Challenges for Managers Every time a generation starts to leave the workforce, and a new generation starts to step in managers face key challenges. In the near future Baby Boomers will steadily leave the workforce, and managers will have key challenges to address in terms of gender and generational supervision. There are numerous issues that managers will face in the future with their employees including: employees expecting flexible of schedules, finding talented candidates, dealing with the constant update in technology, and many more. The following are all key challenges that future managers will face in my eyes, starting with employee’s expectations. Managers of the future will face the challenge of future employees expecting flexible…show more content…
Managers must focus on serving the customers and their needs. However, doing so will require employees to fight the urge to be lured by the best new shiny thing around. It is easy for employees from Generation Y to get lost in tweets, podcasts, Facebook posts and ads, press releases and more. I can imagine in the future this will only get worse with Generation Z being introduced to more and more new great technological advances. This is also true the other way around; some managers may have to worry about losing their job in the future because so many stores may make all of their business from online sales. Another challenge I can see managers facing in the future is an increased pace of technology change. To explain, more and more technology is making its way into organizations including computers, iPad, video conferencing, etc. Managers can anticipate a constant need to keep up with technology in the future. Further, if Boomers are still in organizations as technology picks up the pace, they are already having a tough time working with technology, and as it advances they will have an even harder time doing
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