Essay On The Importance Of The Industrial Revolution

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Revolutions are part of history. It is safe to say that revolutions are inevitable. Revolutions help changing the world to a better place. It reforms society, changes the governments, and reshapes the way we look at things. However, not all revolutions are the same. Some are bloody, some are short, and some are long. In all of this, one revolution stands out. It is not as bloody as the French Revolution, not as short as the Glorious Revolution, but a unique one. This is the Industrial Revolution, the revolution that changes the world.
The Industrial Revolution started in the 18th century and there is no doubt that it has made large impacts to the world. Machines replace people in the workshop, population grows and cities rise. And although the revolution has ended, people still being affected by it. We are more and more depend on machines and technologies. There are still a lot more reasons why the Industrial Revolution is so important era in the history, and an important revolution to us all.
First of all, the Industrial Revolution marks the use of many important, and new materials to industry. Coals are used more widely, and steam and steel are introduced. Without them, there would be no machines, no engines, no factories, nothing. People at that time needed
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The same thing applies to The Industrial Revolution. Some of the problems start during the revolution itself, and some after it. During the Industrial Revolution, living and working conditions are bad. Overwork, low wages, high prices and pollution all threaten the life of workers. Children and women are exploited. The mines and textile factories are not safe. “accidents were very often admitted to the infirmary, through the children’s hands and arms having being caught in the machinery; in many instances the muscles, and the skin is stripped down to the bone, and in some instances a finger or two might be lost.” This show how risky life was in the factory. Another article
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