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1976 words

Religion is one of the most important and essential aspects in human lives throughout the history. It is evident that in the past and the present, people believed in something and someone and religion has a profound influence on people’s behavior. Religion can provide a deep meaning and sense of what is the purpose of life. Religion also contributes to people’s morals, generosity and overall kindness. If there weren’t religion, people wouldn’t be concerned if someone was watching over him or if he will reach salvation in the afterlife.
Obviously, people believe in different things and they have different values and beliefs that leads them through life and adjust their behavior. That is why there are vast numbers of religions like: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that in the past and present, people believed in something.
  • Opines that religion contributes to people's deep meaning and sense of what is the purpose of life.
  • Questions whether someone was watching over him or if he will reach salvation in the afterlife.
  • Explains that the vast number of people who are able to adjust their behavior is why there are vast numbers of them.
  • Opines that hopeless pursuit, but rather that “it can be defined, with greater or lesser success, more than.
  • Argues that religion cannot be a distinctive world that differs from everyday life and activities.
  • Explains that society is the soul of religion.
  • Describes a community of people that can gather around and share their belief and entrust them with trust.
  • Opines that the interesting part of the book that is worth mentioning is the origin and how the story was written.
  • States that brent nongbri's book before religion: a history of a modern concept is "first and summary:
  • Explains that religion transcends the mundane world of language and history. it is what makes us who we are.
  • Argues that it is futile of scholars to try to define religion and put it in a single sentence and it seems like it won't happen in the future.
  • Explains that ancient civilizations like rome or greece knew that religion was fundamental part of society, so they would treat religion.
  • Opines that the isolation of something called "religion" as a sphere of life ideally would lead to government meetings.
  • Opines that the purpose of functional religion isn't to explain your world, but aid us in surviving the things and situation that life throws at you.
  • Analyzes the fable of an elephant and blind men depicting the inner experience of religion by each individual.
  • Explains that it is impossible for a single person to become the narrator and summarize and explain the process that occurs within people that is known as religion.
  • Explains that the first time "religio" was used and recorded was in second century bce by plautus in his writing, and it meant something like reserve.
  • Explains that the root word of religion changed its meaning from century to century because people interpreted it differently.
  • Explains that religion is a powerful incentive for people to believe in their god/gods.
  • Explains how powerful a religion can be. if you find the right religion and not let others control you, you might find true meaning in life and experience the profound intrinsic feeling of living.
  • Concludes that religion is a vague word that incorporates many terms and emotion that makes it virtually impossible to describe and define it.
  • Explains that religion is complex and that it is not tangible or explainable. it gives humanity an incentive to be generous and kind to other people.

People wouldn’t care about the afterlife and they would maximize the satisfaction on this planet at other people’s cost: more stealing, killing, riots, etc. This is why religion is important. It doesn’t have to mean that you have to go churches or mosques or synagogue, it is all in your head and heart. For instance, the famous Tibetan monk Dalai Lama said: “There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness”8. This remark indicates that it is not necessary to go to churches and temples and then feel good about yourself. You can be religious in your own way and be accord to your own beliefs. In this case, kindness is what Dalai
Lama believes in. Other person might think monastery life or fighting for your family and what is right is the righteous path. Even though religion is noticeable all across world, this is not universal. We cannot say it has the same effect on everybody. Instead, it is individual and that is why everyone is going to interpret it differently. That is why it is futile to try to define religion and it is highly unlike that scholars will ever be able to do

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