Essay On The Holocaust

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The Holocaust began on January 30,1933 during the time Adolf Hitler was dictator of Germany. World War II was going on when the Holocaust began. The Holocaust is the genocide of the Jewish race.
Adolf Hitler believed that the Aryan race was the perfect race. Adolf Hitler blamed Jews for the destruction of Germany, so they were an easy target. He tried to abolished the Jews. Adolf Hitler commanded that Auschwitz Concentration Camp to be built. Auschwitz was made in May of 1940. First prisons, Poland political soldiers, were forced to do labor and then it was used for exterminating Jews. What are the origin and consequences of Auschwitz concentration camp on people during the Holocaust?
During the Holocaust, Auschwitz was then opened as a death camp, many people were killed, some survived the horrible years of treatment, then the camp was liberated when the Holocaust came to an end.
Adolf Hitler, became dictator of Germany with the plan to annihilate the entire Jewish race, opening up Auschwitz as a death camp, then forcing millions out of their homes, organizing them at Auschwitz to prepare for their death. When the Holocaust began and Auschwitz came about the horrible treatment began to millions of people.
Adolf Hitler became dictator of Germany, and began the Nazi Party and the plan of killing millions of people (mainly Jews). It started off with " One of those groups was the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or the Nazis, who were joined in 1919 by Adolf Hitler, an Austrian who had served as a German soldier and who became the Nazis' leader and spokesman. In 1923, Hitler attempted to gain power in Bavaria, his base, by means of a military uprising, but he was caught and sentenced to a short term of impriso...

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...king advantage of free slave labor and forcing more hours on the prisoners.
Jews forced in gas chambers and on death marches where they died because they were either too weak or just died. Not only did they suffer endless torture they were also forced to march in the cold. Their clothes, thin and cheap, weren't proper for the terribly cold weather. Thousand died, during these death marches, because of the cold weather and the condition they were in. They were shot if they couldn't keep up with the group. They were also forced in gas chambers in large groups. "The Nazis rounded up Jews in all the countries they occupied and from March 1942, began to deport them to the death camps in Poland. Of the roughly 9 million European Jews, probably about 1.1 million were killed in Auschwitz, largely in the gas chambers, using a derivative of prussic acid called 'zyklon-B.'"
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