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Concept and history of PMO
With the development of economy, project management office (PMO) plays a more and more significant role in organizations. To many organizations, project management office provides such an important process to help the organizations increase the success. In order to support and coordinate management of projects with better outcomes, a lot of organizations establish PMO to achieve their business objectives. However, what is project management office? The most general definition about “PMO” is the department which can harmonize, normalize, optimize, and manage the process of projects. (Letavec, 2005). There are some specific definitions regarding PMO as the method which can promote efficiency, reduce cost, enhance the
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The history of PMO can be regard as the evolution of PMO’s definition. When did the project management office appear? The earliest record about PMO which was referred to farming improvement appeared in1800s in the UK (Darling & Whitty, 2016). As a well-known modern PMO, which was used in aerospace industry in 1950s, PMO did have a series of evolution. The PMO first appeared in business and government areas in 1960s, and continued progress to contemporary (Darling & Whitty, 2016). Since mid-1990s, plenty of organizations attach great importance to the role of PMO, and set up the PMO departments or groups to boost the process of projects (Kutsch, Ward, Hall & Algar, 2015). There is no doubt that PMO has changed a lot. It not only has been evolving and adapted to the development of the times, but also has a new interpretation on the function and assume more responsibilities…show more content…
“a Departmental/ Organizational PMO”
This type of PMO will provide support for the departments or units in the company, not just for the single project. It will provide supports such as portfolio management, governance, operational project support and utilization of human resources.
2. “a Project-Specific PMO”
Project-Specific PMO focuses on the specific project. This type of PMO established because of that project, it’s a temporary entity to support the project by providing coordination, management, and administration.
3. “a Project Support/ Services PMO”
Project Support/ Services PMO will provide supports for projects including provide different types of resources, offer training, make delivery support and ensure the project is in right direction. It’s similar as Project-Specific PMO but instead of focus only one one project, this type of PMO will provide supports for all the related projects in the company.
4. “an Enterprise

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