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The Harlem renaissance was a renewal, flourishing literary, and music culture. The birth of the Harlem renaissance was in New York. It was the new Negro movement; The Harlem Renaissance was a literary and intellectual blossoming new black culture identity in the 1920s and 30s. It also described as a spiritual coming of age. With racism still rampant leaving economic opportunities, scarce, creative expression was available to African Americans in the early 20th century. During the Harlem renaissance, they were the great migration. It was the end of the American Civil war, in 1965 was in increased opportunity for African Americans in education and employment. This made the first black middle class in America. In 1866, racial equality delivered a crushing blow when Plessy v. Ferguson declared racial segregation acceptable. It was the perfect timing for this coming of age the years between world war 1 and the great depression were boom times for the united states because jobs was plentiful in cities. When African Americans had left the south and went north the great migration had started. As a result for African Americans going to north by the millions. There was an explosion of culture in Harlem the great migration helps get cultural renewal for the people in New York City. When African Americans relocated, they seek jobs and an overall better way of life.
Critics however questioned whether the Harlem Renaissance really met its goals for giving blacks a new identity. Due to literary roots, black owned magazines and newspapers flourished freeing African Americans. It was a good time for a cultural celebration; African Americans had faced slavery and oppression. African Americans were encouraged to celebrate their heritage....

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...n Americans. Harlem had become the intellectual center of debate for the future of African American people.
Jazz had developed from its roots of ragtime and was brought to people in harems attention. The nightlife had struck people’s attention in Harlem because of the lively people and African American music. Artist had flocked Harlem for the well-known painters. A legacy was created in Harlem because of the African American writers and poets. From the 1920s to the 1930s was the time that African American art and poetry was widely notched.
Finally, different races noticed African Americans. Other cultures adopted many of the African Americans ideas of poetry art and music. African Americans had made an imprint in Harlem leaving culture over America. The Harlem renaissance had left a legacy and opened doors and inspired many generations of African American culture.
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