Essay On The Great Mosque Of Cordoba

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The Great Mosque of Cordoba has a very complex history, combining elements of ancient Roman, old Christian, Islamic and modern Christian influences. The beginning of the structure date back to the end of 8th century and the figure of Abd al-Rahman I, who was the only member of Umayyad clan that escaped the Abbasid massacre in Syria. Upon his arrival to Spain occupied by the Arab military governors, he became the overlord, establishing a beginning of the Spanish Umayyad dynasty for the next three centuries. Since Cordoba served as a capital for the Spanish Umayyads, building a beautiful mosque was not only a way to provide a place to pray but also strengthened the position of the Umayyads as a sign of triumph of Islam in Spain. The Great Mosque was build on the site of a Christian…show more content…
However, depending on one’s religious background, these ideas can be very different from each other. Therefore, upon entering the Great Mosque of Cordoba, many people coming from a Christian faith might feel lost because of the difference between the idea of a temple in Islam and Christianity. Western viewers come with expectational baggage of what a religious space should look like and when they are subjected to different view, it might feel confusing, since they have a different idea of worship. The Mosque of Cordoba presents an unique mixture of elements from various times, putting them together to form a story of this area through art of its people. This concept is best shown through the praying hall or “the forest of columns”, since Once a person enters the praying hall, they are surrounded by “the forest of columns”, in which the most important advancement done in this structure could be seen, namely the famous striped double arches set on more than 500 columns differing in material and
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