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Brawn versus Brain The golden era is a period where something becomes the best it could ever be and is the highest point in a cultural advancement. In the golden era intellectuals were worshipped for their advancements in art, poetry, music, and literature, philosophy and science, “The term ‘golden age’ generally relate to things past and should not be applied to present events or cultural developments”. (Ellis-Christensen) Where would the world be without nerds? Our iPhone, Wi-Fi, and internet would just cease to exist without these smart and important people that have made such a tremendous difference in our lives such as Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is a genius and that is someone who is creative and has a particular knack for a certain field, “We all don’t have to cure cancer, write the next great U.S. American novel, or win a Nobel Prize. We can’t. But a society that disparages academia, scholarship, and the use of reason to make the world a better place is doomed.”(White) Only a few people make it big in this world without a degree. Not everyone is quite as lucky as some people. The achievements of nerds are celebrated in more than one way, a nerd will be more unlikely to be injured or killed in their line of work, and overall stereotyping is worthless when a nerd can be just as athletic as a hard core athlete and vice versa. In the golden era the achievements of geniuses were celebrated all over the world and supported by the government and celebrities. In present day geniuses win awards, for example the Noble Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded to, “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and for the holding ... ... middle of paper ... ...han the nerds, but in reality a person can look at how much more the nerds get awarded compared to the jocks. Injuries can happen to anyone, but it will more than likely be a jock. A major injury could break a jock’s career in an instant and they may or may not have anything to back them up with. A nerd on the other hand do not have to worry about injuries and worrying over ending their career every time they type on a keyboard, play an instrument, or read a book. Nerds versus jocks are where role models, television, and stereotyping can get a person in trouble if that person believes that they no longer are in need of schooling because they believe their career is set for them. For nerds their careers are way less strenuous and career planning makes it way simpler. Role models that say that in a society you do not have to be smart to be successful is so very wrong.

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