Essay On The Gold Rush

The Gold rush of 1849 had a huge impact on American society at the time because it created jobs for people from all over the country. People from all over the world came to mine gold. Financially the Gold rush had an enormous impact on society, since gold was worth a significant amount of money at the time. Although the actual work of mining gold was not good. Many people lacked in hygiene and suffered from depression, disease, and broken bones. A majority of the prospectors came from the eastern United States and included a large continent of merchant confederates. Gold rushes not only had effects of the economy but on the land as well. The Gold Rush was great for the people who found gold. If you found gold you were set very well. An ounce of gold was worth around 20 dollars during 1849. If you found a significant amount of gold, you would get a significant amount of money. An early miner could make ten times more money mining gold than working in the east. Gold dust emerged as a common form of currency in the early days of the Gold Rush. Early miners were really set to live well. However, few ever struck it big. Historians have estimated that miners dug up 10 million dollars of gold in 1849, 41 million dollars more in 1850, and another 81 million dollars in 1852. Those were the greatest amounts of gold that was mined, but in 1857 miners still managed to get 45 million dollars worth. When workers are finding millions of dollars in the gold mines, the economy is going to have a positive effect. Living situations and housing was also affected by the gold rush. As forty niners poured into California, the towns and villages quickly filled up, resulting in the growth of already established cities such as San Francisco. Also ... ... middle of paper ... ...eir mental illness wasn’t too serious. Serious cases of mental illness would result in separation from other miners and sometimes restrained. Since the medical knowledge of mental illness wasn’t high, people were not often cured and left to fend for themselves. Physical and mental illness was a huge factor in the time of the gold rush. It affected tons of people. Thousands of people died due to the lack of medical knowledge and treatment. Families were affected by this too. If a husband who belongs to a family goes to mine and gets sick, that family is in trouble. There will be no income of money and resources so they will have a tough time. For the people who struck gold, it was great! For the people who ended up with disease or mental illness, it wasn’t so great. That’s why going to California to mine gold was such a risk. You either made it or you didn’t.

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