Essay On The Ghetto

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The ghetto is a very often commonly misused word. Jews are the only ones who can utilize the word properly. People of Jewish religion are the alone ones who truly recognize what it is like to be in an actual ghetto. This word holds so many stories behind it are nil compared to what its actual significance. At least one thousand ghettos were established by Germans during the Holocaust. Jews were discovered as a minority; hence they were inhabited in small regions which the Nazi SS named ghettos. Jewish quarters were somewhat in similar comparison to concentration camps, although they were very much smaller. Jews were not always subjected to this type of treatment. Treatment in such a way all started with Adolf Hitler. He charged the Jews for…show more content…
In some countries the Nazis would let the Jews roam freely in and out as they please. The conditions were not as bad if a Jew happened to find their self-living in an open Jewish quarter. Sadly researchers cannot say the same about closed confinement. Germans will usually put tall brick walls to close them in topped with barbed wire. Open ghettos were kept in much better conditions. This would help them do the necessary things as in getting medicine, food, or clothes not saying the things the Jews were allowed the best of the best. As the Jews did not have this privilege in their closed Jewish quarters. Closed ghettos were situated primarily in German- occupied Poland and the occupied Soviet Union. Most ghettos established were of this type. Closed ghettos were kept in some of the worse conditions possible. This lead closed ghettos to have the highest mortality rate. Creeping closer and closer to the “final solution” the establishment of destruction ghettos came about. Conditions were the least of a Jews worries when deported to destruction ghetto. Destruction ghettos were tightly sealed and only existed two to four weeks. Jews were either deported to concentration camps or shot in mass numbers. This started the establishment of concentration camps. Nazi officials could concentrate the number of Jews killed a day. This provided the Jews with knowledge on what now the final solution
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