Essay On The French Revolution

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French revolution, a greatest event of modern times which left France and other countries shocked because of its huge effect. It influenced the whole human society and gave a message of liberty, equality and fraternity. French revolution was a movement which took place in 1789 till 1799; it was a violent and bloody revolt that caused a lot of brutal events in the history such as the execution of King Louis the XV1 and his wife Marie Antoinette. It also destroyed the whole generation of the king’s family as his youngest son suffered and died, his daughter lived a brutal life. The French revolution launched a region of terror that killed thousands of people and inspired almost all European countries like Italy and Russia. It was to throw down monarchy and government an d bring republic. The causes that formed French revolution were the differences between the three social classes (first estate clergy, the second nobility and the third commoners), the injustice in tax for instance the third estate had to pay a lot of tax while the first and the second estate paid low or none. The prices on the bread were so high that a minimum wages person could not afford and had to survive without food. France most of the population was the commoners but still they were discriminated and owned less land. The other causes were the weak government, crises, leaders, ideology and discontent in France. People also thought that everything that happened in France was because of Marie Antoinette (King Louis the XV1) as she was a foreigner from Austria and also they thought she was a lesbian type as her relationship with women was weird. These all factors left France with a huge destruction of life time
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...mocratic ideas was formed such as the encouragement of rule of law, politics of census and democratic rule. There was a rise in internationalism as the French Revolution gave rise to the need of coming together at international level in order to face the common danger. It emerged in form of Concert of Europe. It started an era of international bodies.
In conclusion French revolution was a very brutal movement as it destroyed France civilization completely, made kids orphans and left so many people on streets. No one got what they wanted because every man who came into power did everything for his own benefits. It was a failure because the bourbon family came back to the throne so what was the point of this movement when putting down the monarchy was unsuccessful. even though it was a failure , it gave humanity a message of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.