Essay On The Founding Of Princeton University

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The Founding Of Princeton University Rish Padore US History H Mr. Riotto March 12 2013 Princeton University is well known all around the world. It has immense popularity and is also in the Ivy League. Ivy League schools are viewed as some of the most prestigious, and are ranked among the best universities worldwide. Everyone knows the University but not many people know the founders and origin of the Princeton University. Princeton has an astounding origin with many founders. It also has an immense and interesting history. It was founded by the Presbyterian New Lights was founded by four leaders. These New Lights founded colleges due to religious revivals. Now, Princeton is college to 8010 students and 1172 academic staff. There is also 1103 admin staff. Today, Princeton is one of the best colleges in the entire world and graduates are one of the most socially elite people. Princeton’s history includes the Presbyterian New Lights, the founders and the origin. The New Light Schism was a separation in the Presbyterian and Congregational denominations in the mid - eighte...

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