Essay On The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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Edgar Allen Poe is most known for his poems, short stories and creepy tales. The deaths Poe went through, after losing his mother and stepmother, has a great impact on his work. The theme death is in several of Poe’s stories, such as “The Fall of the House of Usher.” “The Fall of the House of Usher” is considered as a supernatural story. The story is about the last of the family Roderick and Madeline, the house where they live and the consequences they face similar to Poe’s life. Poe uses a great use of diction and literary devices: setting, symbols and imagery to make the readers feel like they are there. Poe draws the readers in on the horrible sickness that is killing the house, the house surroundings and everyone that live in it.
In the story the time is autumn and Poe creates a spooky setting by using this unnamed narrator to describe the house as he see it and the emotions the house gave him. The narrator describe the clouds as ethereal glowing, the lake as dark and scary and fissure running down the middle of the house. Poe uses an unnamed narrator to explain the emotions the house gave him, but no words could amount to how horrifying the house was. The narrator felt gloom. Poe’s continuance use of dark diction “dreary, dark, gloom, and dull” creates a mood of horror in “The Fall of the House of Usher”. The setting is everything in story like Wilson stated, "The setting... plays an integral part in the story because it establishes an atmosphere of dreariness and decay"(page 55). The dreariness was the darkness Poe mentioned that fell upon the house of usher. The trees died, and the house surroundings became gloomy.
Poe story contains many symbolizes. In "The Fall of the House of Usher," I believe the story was written ma...

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... was the gloom and darkness Poe mentioned that fell upon the house of usher. Outside of the house the trees died, and the house surroundings became gloomy. The Ushers Roderick and Madeline lost their souls because the evil Ushers took over the house and everything changed. The Ushers now believe whatever happened in the past to their ancestors will happen to them
The theme is that one must have physical and mental aspects of life to live. I came to conclusion that Roderick and Madeline are twins. They are basically one person together. Made, who is the mental aspect of life body is failing her. Roderick is the physical aspect and was very healthy, but he had a little mental illness. When Madeline starts to die, Roderick start too. They could not live without the other.
Everything in the house is in the state of decay. When the twins die, the house destroys itself.