Essay On The Fall Of Singapore

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History Summative Essay

World War II was a gruesome war which caused lots of deaths. But for Japan it was a chance for them to rise, gain power and recognition from the western countries that looked down on them. But because of this Australia has had to face Japan in numerous battles. These are the most important and significant ones for Australia.

The fall of Singapore
The Fall of Singapore was perhaps the biggest failure for the British army. Singapore was meant to be an impregnable naval base for the British army, it was also vital to Australia’s security because it acted as a first line of defense. On February 3rd the Japanese began attacking Singapore using air attacks. Britain responded to the attack by using the coastal guns on the island but were ineffective against the planes. On February 8, the first Japanese landings began on Singapore's northwest coast. The Japanese were met by the Australians but they were forced to retreat by midnight. On February 13 the coastal guns Singapore’s strongest defensive weapons were destroyed. Tactical miscalculations and poor communicati...
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