Essay On The Extremity Of Torture

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Torture: The Extremity of “Enhanced Interrogation Methods” Torture is a severe form of brutality and is not justified. The United States government should never permit torture in its counter-terrorism efforts, as it is not ethically permissible and would violate the ethical frameworks of rights, the common good, and virtue. The claim that torture can be morally vindicated in particular cases is outweighed by the harms it actually causes especially to civil liberties and human dignity. Ultimately torture is a violation of human rights. In respect to the rights ethical framework, “people are not objects to be manipulated; it is a violation of human dignity to use people in ways they do not freely choose” (Andre 2014). It treats the victim as a “thing”, not as a person with all the value that we associate with an individual. The tactics used are inhuman and should not be subjected on anyone. The physical and psychological damage it causes is often permanent. Even if it were effective, it would still be wrong. The most common argument made to justify torture is to limit it to…show more content…
It is used to dehumanize people by treating them as mere pawns to be manipulated through their pain. Torture is described as a slippery slope since the more it is used the easier it is made to accept in the future. It has also shown to be an ineffective interrogation tool in most instances. It also destroys the well being of the torturers and the reputation and moral authority of the institution carrying it out. When approached morally, it is obvious that the negative ethical consequences that come along with torture dominate the minimal positive that could come out of it, especially since viable information isn’t even guaranteed. There are more effective forms of interrogation that could be integrated in the efforts to defeat terrorism as well. Torture should never be

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