Essay On The Duality Of The Lottery By Tessie Hutchinson

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“Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon” (142), the well-known quote by Old Man Warner that is familiar to Shirley Jackson’s readers is an expression that has a lot of value in the short story, “The Lottery.” This story’s title does not exactly mean what first comes to ones mind when thinking of the word “lottery”, but as the story slowly unfolds it becomes more clear of what once seemed good natured turns out to be inhumane. We learn that winning the lottery in this story means to actually win death by stoning. A tradition that only makes the protagonist Tessie Hutchinson a loser that is given as a sacrifice for the unnamed and unearthly spirit. This awful wickedness of the ordinary towns people is visible; however, Tessie Hutchinson is the…show more content…
Hutchinson said, and the people near her laugh” (142). Jackson manipulates her reader at this point by making us believe that Mrs. Hutchinson is all for the lottery. Interestingly, we come to find that other women in the town have similar behaviors as hers, “’There goes my old man,’ Mrs. Delacroix said” (142). Despite the fact that there are minor differences in their words of Tessie and Mrs. Delacroix, it becomes evident that their anxieties are of the same essence. Now, as the story progresses and the lottery begins it becomes more difficult to compare Mrs. Hutchinson to other people in the town after the first round where her family wins the lottery. At that moment, Mrs. Hutchinson losses it and transforms to something that the villagers do not like. She begins to protest and even more after the second round when she learns that she will be sacrificed. All at once, Mrs. Hutchinson tries to do everything she can to get out of such death, “There’s Don and Eva,” she offers up her daughter for the slaughter instead of herself (143). Lastly, her near death drove her to show her true colors and how she changed through out the whole
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