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The drinking age in America should be changed and it is because the tax revenue caused by the increased population of drinkers will be paying more taxes for the alcohol produced. The maturity of the adult population changes through the span of three years, but adults can drink in other countries while fighting for it. In the year of 1919 prohibition for alcohol was introduced into America. The tax revenue from alcohol would increase due to the population of people buying alcohol would increase. Between the age of eighteen and twenty, there is a no tolerance for alcohol law throughout America. In the state of North Carolina, along with other states, at the age of twenty-one and older the alcohol level is 0.08 percent. Many European and South American countries have lower drinking ages, such as Germany being sixteen. However, teenagers in Germany can only buy beer instead of liquor. Introducing minor alcoholic beverages to adults at the age of eighteen reduces the amount of negative effects of drinking too much alcohol. Australia‘s drinking age is eighteen; however, some citizens in their country disagree with the drinking have tried to increase the drinking age to twenty-one to follow America. Fifty percent of Australians are for increasing the age, but fifty percent are for the drinking age of eighteen. Increasing the drinking age in Australia would not keep eighteen year-olds from drinking. The law of drinking at a lower age also applies to the standards in America. Many adults in America at the age of eighteen have no drinking privileges, which affects the maturity and economy drastically.
Alcohol can affect adults of various ages, but the legal age of drinking has a lack of adults paying due to the drinking law. Adults at the...

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...ld increase because there would be more jobs and more rules for drinking at eighteen. Other countries such as Germany, Australia, and United Kingdom believe their youth is more mature, because their drinking age is lower. The youth in other countries, such as Germany, show more responsibility when drinking alcoholic beverages. Germany and the United Kingdom have an increased population of children drinking at a younger age, but introduce it to children safely. The population of drinking is more common in European countries which show that there are fewer alcoholics that affect society. Teenagers in other countries become a large part of society at the age of most children in America are becoming average drivers. However, the maturity of citizens in European countries varies depending on the drinking age. Many adults would mature faster and have more jobs and taxes.
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