Essay On The Difference Between Judaism And Christianity

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Long time ago, there was only one religion, Judaism. However as time passing by, the society had a lot of changes. Because of the changing of emperors and the geographic changes, Judaism occurred a lot of variations with those changes. More and more branches started to emerge under the Judaism. Christian became the strongest branch and had their own theological beliefs. Then Christian gradually began to separate from the Judaism. In the Bible, the New Testament part recorded the faith of Christianity. Christian based mostly on the New Testament. In the New Testament of the Bible, it describes the birth and preaches of Jesus, as well as the Paul’s Epistles explains the faith of the Christian. However, the descriptions of the Jesus in the gospels are different. They have many places paralleled.

First of all, Christianity believes Jesus is their Messiah. Mary, the virgin, gave the birth of Jesus. “When his mother Mary had been engaged to Joseph, but before they lived together, she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 1: 18). She was told Jesus was a holy spirit. Jesus’s mission in the earth is to preach and make others believe in him. He travels to many different places
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There are three theological differences between Judaism and Christianity. The first difference is that the Christians believe that Jesus is their Messiah and Jesus is the Son of God. However, the Jewish people think that Jesus brings the disaster and they are waiting for the Messiah’s coming. The second difference is that Christians are more kind-hearted. Jesus always gives help to others. Also, he says that if someone has faith he will get salvation. Nevertheless, the God in the Old testament, which Judaism believes often punish people when they do something wrong. The third difference is that Christian believes in predictions. Yet, the Judaism follows close to the
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