Essay On The Criminal Justice System

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The answer is simple yet complex, organizational goals. The American criminal justice system could be viewed as a large organization. This organization has goals, or a mission, to provide a service to the public. The service the public generally expects from its tax-funded criminal justice system varies from sub-organizations within the major organization. But overall, the public generally expects the criminal justice system to respond to and prevent crime, while also dealing with criminals who have broken the laws of society. With these goals in mind, one can see the importance of collaborations between different departments, agencies, and other organizations that make up our criminal justice system. Evidence of collaborations benefiting…show more content…
There are times when outside organizations can play a key role in ensuring success when enforcing the law. Take the Sacramento Police Department (SPD) as an example. Members within the SPD established a Domestic Violence Prevention Collaboration (DVPC) This was in response to the many cases of domestic violence that were left unsolved because of the lack of cooperation from the victims. It is well known throughout the criminal justice system that cases involving domestic violence are difficult to investigate because of how highly sensitive they are. Victims tend to stop cooperating with law-enforcement once the emotions have left them, or when the offender begins apologizing and offering fake promises to the victim. These are some extremely dangerous situations, because often times the victim does not realize what danger he or she is in. The DVPC is an effort by the SPD to get numerous departments and organizations to work together to tackle the domestic violence issue. The SPD worked alongside the District Attorney’s office to provide better training to police officers on what information is necessary when dealing with a domestic violence case. They also worked hand-in-hand with social workers from the Department of Health and Human Services in how to identify when a victim is in distress. Women’s safe houses also provided testimonies to the police department to help educate police
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