Essay On The Criminal Justice System

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The criminal justice system, prisons being part of it has made a huge impact on those be convicted for the use or possession of drugs. However, with the help of resources and influence there are ways to get off or have a less of a sentence by money and power. Though if money and power isn’t an option for them art is a way to provide prisoners rehabilitation and healing who have been involved by the criminalization of drugs. The Common Law, Criminal Justice System is one of three types of legal systems. The Common Law is used in the U.S and is presented as a type of legal system that bases most of their convictions by the court 's decisions. From having the most cases determined by the courts can look to be favorable to the rich who are able…show more content…
War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration is based the socioeconomic of justice elements which is Historical, Politics, Economics, and Racial. The socioeconomic of justice does provide prove on what groups of people will end up in prison and what groups of people that doesn’t. The Historical element of has been going on since the early 1920s and has gradually gotten worse over the decades. It can also be traced back to slavery in the south and Jim Crows 1978 laws some being the Fair Housing Act of 1968, and Young Rights Act of 1965 and Civil Rights Act 1964. This will bring in the elements of Racial and Politics of the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration. Racial is an element that is also connected to the Historical aspect of the socioeconomic of justice. With Racial and Politics it shows that the poor class Blacks and Latinos are the two main groups of people that are known for being incarcerated for drugs and misdemeanors. Such as, if a Black or Latino man is found with possession of crack a drug that is found frequently in poor communities will receive a higher sentence than a white man that…show more content…
The Prison Industrial Complex is a way for the government and businesses to make a profit by having inmates that are serving their sentences do labor work for large corporations and businesses in private prisons. In results the inmates will receive 19 cents an hour but wouldn’t receive benefits, medical, or vacations. However, if inmates refuse to do the labor work they will be in solitary confinement and lose chance of parole and programs. This is all is run by a non-profit organization that is call the American Legislative Exchange Council also known as Alec. Alec uses surveillance, policing, and imprisonment to solve economic, social, and political problems. Showing the economic issues with the Prison Industrial Complex by just building more prisons to make a bigger profit and have more inmates do the labor work for a cheaper cost and having Alec control everything else making society dehumanized. It has dehumanized society by how inmates are being treated who don’t have any resources to help themselves and only worry about how they can make more money for the government and
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