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549 words

Introduction The Cold War began as two prevailing world powers, the disputation between the Americans and Soviets in Europe (Brands, Breen, Williams, Gross, 2009). It escalated due to the representation of capitalism and democracy in the United States and the communism and dictatorship of the Soviet Union. The Cold War brought many changes to the United States. The War became a central influence on many aspects of American society socially, politically, and economically (Brands et al., 2009). Social The Cold War impacted the everyday lives of most American civilians. The fear of communism and “in-house” spies caused lives to be ruined based on weak evidence and unsubstantiated accusations. According to the book (2009), “The war led to a campaign to ensure loyalty on the part of government workers and fostered the broader phenomenon of McCarthyism.” McCarthyism is an exaggerated effort to find communists in nearly every corner of American life (Brands et al., 2009). Many movies portrayed a political aspects that helped spark patriotism, but also raised suspicion of communist activi...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the cold war escalated due to the representation of capitalism and democracy in the united states and the communism and dictatorship of the soviet union.
  • Explains that the americans advocated free market capitalism while the soviets promoted communism. the u.s. is the world's dominant economic power.
  • Explains how the cold war impacted many aspects of american society. differing economic viewpoints resulted in contrasting claims of what freedom meant to the united states and the soviets.
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