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Ethics Paper CSC 251 Brandon Richards Introduction Ethics are an important part of everyone’s lives. A moral code that must be followed and guide everyone’s moral compass. Ethics also have a major impact in the workplace. The very foundations of corporations just like governments are founded with ethics. A moral code keeps everything running in order. Ethics can be defined as a set of moral principles. Ethics are such a big part of the world of technology that there are very defined codes that detail ethics regarding the industry. These codes of ethics are the IEEE Code of ethics and the ACM code of ethics. These codes give the foundation for ethics and morals in the worlds of computing and technology. The codes can also be used to give an inside view of some of the biggest problems that Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Known, as the worlds largest professional association dedicated to advancing innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity the IEEE is a sprawling organization. Its corporate office is located in New York City and the organization has about 160,000 members in about 160 companies. As an important organization in the field of technology the IEEE is an influential part of ethical computing. Their code of ethics is a list of ten codes that all of its member’s must uphold and follow. The code goes over safety and welfare of the public, avoiding conflicts, be honest, reject bribes, improve understanding of technology, maintain technical competence, seek criticism of work, treat others fairly, avoid harm to others or property, and to assist others. This code as stated on the website is a promise and value that member’s of the IEEE must uphold and follow closely to be the best they can be. A... ... middle of paper ... ...S.. Each time the card is used it creates a new unique code. This makes the card much more difficult to hack or counterfeit then striped cards. This breach has put many organizations and companies on notice. Like the Sony breach Target has taken a hit to its credibility from not being prepared to take action. Both of these breaches have spurred these business and organizations to update to fight these cyber threats and make sure incidents like these were the potential for major damage is kept to a minimum. This isn’t the first time this has happened and it surely will not be the last time it does. As newer safer technologies are created hackers will find holes and vulnerabilities to exploit and harm others. It is up to corporations like target to follow rules like the codes of ethics to make sure its customer’s information is protected and its users are not harmed.

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