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Women In Leadership: The Cocaine Godmother Since the beginning of mankind we have lived in a world controlled by the male species. Men are seen as strong, aggressive and powerful and therefore in the eyes of a man controlled society, they are natural born leaders. Women are biologically different than men, thats a no brainer but the question becomes whether or not different equals opposite. For a very long time the answer was yes until women began to stand up and speak out. In 1920, 72 years after the first women’s right group was formed- women were allowed to vote yet they still had to fight for equality amongst men and today the fight is steady going strong. As technology advances, so does our world and our opportunities. Gradually, more and more women are entering male dominated areas professionally and in the streets. My goal in this paper is to shine a light on two things everyone tries so hard to throw under the rug - women in leadership and the street life. Women are not only taking a stand in the professional light but they are earning their respect in many ways, the drug cartel being one of them. Cocaine is the second most smuggled drug in America behind marijuana. The world of drug trade is one that is dangerous and corrupt. Since the 60’s drug cartels have grown from a few huge operations into thousands of smalls ones and all are male dominated. In the world of drug lords and street life, women are basically just willing sex slaves and usually have absolutely no power in the drug business. Occasionally there is a woman who ruthlessly takes her spot in the drug trade and succeeds but there can only be one queen. Griselda Blanco was born in Cartagena, Colombia on February 15, 1943 and she is known as the ‘Cocaine Go... ... middle of paper ... ...tually fell apart and in 2004 she was released from prison and sent back to Colombia . Blanco’s family says that after she was released from prison she converted to christianity and left the drug game, becoming a family woman. No one heard anything about Blanco until September 3, 2012 when she was shot and killed by a drive-by motorcyclist outside of a butcher shop by one of her old enemies. Witnesses say that the gunman was a well known drug dealer but no one gave names. Griselda Blanco made history by becoming the first woman to lead, compete and excel in the drug game. She made a name for herself by having a very aggressive leadership style and she held her own weight against the men, in what is still known today as a man’s territory. Blanco paved the way for women who wanted to be apart of the street life and the stature, money and respect that came with it.

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